At STANDINGS, we take our beer very seriously and we believe in variety. We focus on American handcrafted ales and microbrews and we're focused on trying to bring you the best offerings from around the country. That's why we constantly rotate our beer lines so that there's always something new and interesting on tap.  We have some old favorites return again and again, but, in general, we change our list every 1-2 weeks.

vHere's a sampling of what you might find on tap...

This Week: 3/18/18

Anchor Go West IPA

Anchor Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA
6.7% ABV

Pours bright, clear golden color with light tan head, has strong tropical and citrus fruit aromas balanced by the spiky freshness of pine needles.

The California Gold Rush compelled thousands to Go West! "to see the elephant," a metaphor for the doggedly optimistic risk-taking linked then and now with America’s intensified pursuit of happiness. As early as 1849, India Pale Ale—prepared by British brewers for export to India by adding dry hops to barrels of hoppy ale—was also going west, from England around the Horn to San Francisco. In 1975, Anchor—America’s first craft brewery—led the modern revival of dry-hopped handmade ales.

Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale

Cigar City Brewing
Tampa, FL
5.5% ABV

Flavor has caramel/toffee sweetness is upfront with intermingling notes of chocolate and espresso with a roasted peanut expression in the finish.

Pours brown in color with notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate and hints of espresso.

Downeast Cider Cranberry Blend

Downeast Cider House
Charlestown, MA
5.0% ABV

Freshly pressed cranberry juice adds a pleasantly tart bite to this well-balanced cider.

Highway Manor Mr. Tea

Highway Manor Brewing Company
Camp Hill, PA
6.1% ABV

Golden barrel aged sour with……..TEA

Peak Organic Ginger Saison

Peak Organic Brewing Company
Portland, ME
6.5% ABV

We love Ginger for its unique, exotic flavors. Our favorite Saison recipe is the backdrop here, with hints of spice and fruit from the Belgian yeast. Enjoy!

Port Jeff Schooner Pale Ale

Port Jeff Brewing Company
Port Jefferson, NY
6.5% ABV

Schooner Ale is an English-style pale ale with a dose of American brewing ingenuity.

To achieve its distinct, palatable profile of clean malt and citrus, with a bitter finale, we perform a continuous regimen of hopping during its boil, and dry-hopping throughout fermentation. Our flagship. Pun intended. Set sail.

Saranac S'more Porter

Saranac Brewery
Utica, NY
6.2% ABV

Flavors of milk-chocolate, marshmallow, and toasty graham cracker. Brewed with caramel, biscuit, brown, and roasted malts, then aged with chocolate & vanilla.

Sixpoint Resin

Sixpoint Brewery
Brooklyn, NY
9.1% ABV

A strong ale with an abundance of American hop flavor.

It's been less than a year since we released our four core beers in cans, and we're ecstatic to announce a new addition to the flock. This isn’t a seasonal release, like the Autumnation of last fall or Diesel, still going ’round this winter. It isn’t our upcoming spring seasonal can, either. It's a never-before-released, big beer in a slim, 12 oz. can with a potent burst of hops and as strong as an ox: Resin. We zeroed in on the botanical structure of the hop cone to get to the essence of this beer. When hops are at their peak maturity, their cores swell up with a sticky, golden, resinous substance that is the flavor you crave from an IPA. WIth an IBU of 103 and ABV of 9.1%, Resin can be loosely described as a double IPA — but rarely do Sixpoint beers adhere to any strict style demands.

Southern Tier Raspberry Wheat

Lakewood, NY
Boston, MA
4.9% ABV

A golden wheat beer brewed with the finest North American malted barley and wheat.

It’s then lightly hopped with the choicest European varieties. This smooth, crisp golden wheat beer is then finished with a hint of raspberry. Enjoy this beer any time of year.

Troegs Sunshine Pils

Tröegs Brewing Company
Hershey, PA
4.5% ABV

Using only malted barley, noble hops and bottom-fermenting yeast this pilsner delivers a refreshing hop bitterness and a zesty, vibrant finish.