At STANDINGS, we take our beer very seriously and we believe in variety. We focus on American handcrafted ales and microbrews and we're focused on trying to bring you the best offerings from around the country. That's why we constantly rotate our beer lines so that there's always something new and interesting on tap.  We have some old favorites return again and again, but, in general, we change our list every 1-2 weeks.

Here's a sampling of what you might find on tap...

This Week: 1/13/19

Bolero Snort Crooked Labulls

Bolero Snort Brewery
Ridgefield Park, NJ
8.5% ABV

The Golden Hop and Citra post fermentation then dosed again with more of the same plus a touch more Zythos – sticky, resinous, and dripping with ripe mango.

Paying homage to the many, many, many hand labeled bottles and cans that we’ve managed to apply in a less than uniform manner we have a brand spanking new DIPA – Crooked Labulls. Clocking in at 8.5% and profusely hopped with Mosaic and Zythos in the kettle.

Braven Las Tumbas

Braven Brewing Company
Brooklyn, NY
7.5% ABV

Smell the hints of orange, taste the rich chocolate, and feel the burn of habanero peppers to experience this multi-layered brew.

With just the first sip of this stout, Las Tumbas transports you to Oaxaca, Mexico for an incomparable drinking delight.

Brooklyn Pilsner

Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, NY
5.0% ABV

A fresh, crisp, and floral brew from the finest European two-row barley malts and German-grown Perle and Hallertauer hops.

Harpoon Dunkin Coffee Porter

Harpoon Brewery
Boston, MA
6.0% ABV

A rich, roasty porter brewed with a little help from Harpoon’s friends at Dunkin’.

We’ve counted on Dunkin’ to jumpstart our brew days from the beginning. Now we’re percolating with excitement to be able to cap our nights with this rich, roasty porter brewed with a little help from our friends at Dunkin’.

Kelso Carrollgaarden Wit

Kelso of Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
5.0% ABV

Made with ginger, chamomile and orange peel. The flavor is spicy, crisp, citrusy and refreshing.

The CarrollGaarden Wit was the first of our Brewer’s collaborative line. Our brewers flavored this classic Wit style with traditional flavors of coriander & dried orange peel and added a little Brooklyn twist.

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Company
Petaluma, CA
6.2% ABV

A well-rounded, highly drinkable IPA. A bit of Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of hops.

This is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries of Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute, nor as old as the 10,000 miles or so of Di-Hyrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentoid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again. Now stop. Think again. And stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you’re on.

Original Sin Dry Rose Cider

Revolution Brewing Company
New York, NY
6.5% ABV

A cider made with our proprietary blend of freshly pressed New York apples. OS Dry Rosé features a beautiful light pink color with a delicate nose, refreshing acidity and a smooth semi-dry finish.

Peekskill Simple Sour

Peekskill Brewery
Peekskill, NY
4.5% ABV

This Sour is quick, dry and refreshing.

Brewed with wheat corn and brettanomyces.

Sly Fox Christmas

Sly Fox Brewing Company
Pottstown, PA
5.0% ABV

A malty, full-bodied red ale made with traditional mulling spices: Ginger, Clove, All Spice, Cinammon & Nutmeg.

If this one doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit, you truly are a Scrooge.

Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

Victory Brewing Company
Downingtown, PA
5.1% ABV

Shifting impressions of lemon aroma and flavor intermingle with leafy, tea-like earthiness as the flowing appeal of American hops unfolds.

This firmly crisp and aromatically arousing pale ale integrates a softly supportive malt base which underlies streams of herbal hop complexity.